Getting to know your course tutor

Steve Roberts

Hi, I'm Steve!

I'll be guiding you through your learning in this course.

When I follow an online course, it's important for me to know a little about my tutor. After all, we're learning from a person and not a computer! So here's a broad overview of my experience and interests.

Home town

Johannesburg, South Africa

My motivation for creating this course

During my career as an English teacher, teacher trainer, lecturer and academic technology specialist in both developing and developed environments, I've become passionate about enabling access to quality education in a way that supports your unique learning process.

There's so much information 'out there' that it's intimidating. How do we know what content we can trust? What combination of information is relevant to what we need to know? And, of course, what do we do with the information we find so that we can learn from it and apply it to our own lives?

This course therefore aims to create a well-sequenced, interactive and engaging environment that not only helps you learn but leaves you with a useful resource (your personalised portfolio) that you can refer back to throughout your studies and use to advocate for yourself.

Essentially, I wanted to create a course that didn't lecture at you but rather involve you in a way that is relevant, productive and enables you to access new opportunities.

By following this course, you'll being to develop the academic skills and confidence to achieve your full potential.

A few of my previous employers

South Africa / Czech Republic


Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Tunisia

Hong Kong



Some of my previous work roles:

Academic English Instructor, Lecturer, Instructional Designer, Teacher Trainer, English Teacher, Academic Technology Specialist.

Some of the areas I've studied:

Masters in Education and International Development (University of London)

Masters in Digital Technologies, Communication and Education (Manchester University)

Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (Cambridge University)

Bachelors of Social Science (University of Cape Town)

A passion or two of mine:

Learning through teaching
Second language acquisition
Genre analysis
Yoga and acrobatics

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